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Alice Strangelove




Hello, visitor!

Whether you found me on YouTube, Instagram, or just by googling “best fashion blogger ever”, I’m glad you’re here! Here you will learn quite a lot of things about fashion as well as my fabulous life, including but not limited to my top picks in beauty and styling. Have a look around and be excited!

My blog is well known for makeup tips and tricks, in writing here since 2011. I originally made those lists for my clients as a reference, but after sending couple of those over to Pinterest I learned that they were actually benefiting to more people than I could ever imagined. Over 100 blog entries later, the Style Park Blog has become primarily fashion and beauty blog.

I owned an independent private beauty salon before, working behind the reception, for 8 years. I locked the doors and handed over the key just before my darling Oscar was born. Now I stay home with the boys and have the pleasure of dropping some fashion wisdom from time to time here in my blog.


Although the blog entries may be centered around appearance and all things related, I don’t believe that is where self-worth comes from. I’m a devoted Christian and am so thankful to have a connection with the Lord. We attend a great church in our boro.

Originally from Bismarck, North Dakota, I got tired of being cold and migrated down south. I’ve lived in South Carolina for 7 years and call sweet, “solid south” city of Columbia our new home.

I just love a piece of chocolate cake and also adore red lipstick. Oh and I always have bobby pins and hairspray in my purse. You know, in case of emergencies.

It is an honor to share my work with you guys, and also working with brands like Home Goods, Refinery 29, Stokke, and 4moms.